Portfolio: Erich Hörtnagl

to be a man


More than at anytime in history, men’s role is beset by uncertainty. Never before did men have to justify themselves so much for what they are. Never before have men felt as overwhelmed as they do today.
In eloquent black-and-white photographs, Erich Hörtnagl, born in 1950 in Innsbruck/Tyrol, observes men - and also women - from very different cultural backgrounds, and confronts us with many of the possible facets of what it can mean: to be a man.

ur "to be a man": Louisiana, Danmark

ur "to be a man": Val Gardena, Italien

ur "to be a man": magasin på Palazzo Ducale, Venedig, Italien

ur "to be a man": Jesolo, Italien

ur "to be a man": vid Donaukanalen, Wien, Österrike

ur "to be a man": procession i Tyrolen, Österrike

ur "Wrong place at wrong time" 1

ur "to be a man": Sharday, dragartist, Malmö, Sverige

ur "to be a man": på jakt, Häckeberga, Sverige

ur "to be a man": Vilnius, Litauen