Portfolio: Julia Heurling



'Keyboard' has developed as a reflection on the agendas and functions of different iPhone apps that are available today, which enable processing of photographs both through editing and transformation, and through interpretation and information seeking. I have photographed my keyboard using two apps: ‘Kaleidacam’, which forms kaleidoscopic interpretations of what the iPhone camera sees, and ‘Seeing AI’, which can generate text interpretations for selected images. The result – a sequence of iPhone screen shots – can be seen as a directed interaction between these two automated image processing functions – one distorting and effect seeking, the other explanatory and meaning seeking. The project explores aspects of language in the area in-between image and text, interpretation and truth, understanding and misunderstanding, and man and machine. Shown at the exhibition 'Look, See, This!" in December 2023 in Stockholm. Shortlisted for Alpine Fellowship Visual Art Prize 2024.