Portfolio: Erik Berglin



At first glance these images look like ordinary depictions of birds in their natural habitat but on a closer look one notices that the surroundings do not really make any sense. The original images come from ornithologist websites, it's the kind of generic picture used to describe a specific species. I have used algorithms to analyze the image and sample it´s content – creating a larger but artificial landscape.

The title Ignavus Auspex is Latin for lazy birdwatcher, a playful titel aimng to allure the viewer to think about how these images have been made. Auspex in the title simply means ”a person watching birds” and even though I am not out in nature I'm still obsessively looking at birds on my computer screen. From a traditional ornithologist perspective my method probably comes across as lazy – hence the first part of the title – Ignavus. However in today's remediated society we experience the world through screens. As an artist I want to use these new circumstances to make new images.