Portfolio: Julia Heurling

Car Marks


‘Car Marks’ is an ongoing project I have worked on for a few years. It has developed during walks wintertime in the area where I live in Hägersten outside Stockholm. On the street where I live cars can park on both sides. During winter, parking is prohibited on Monday mornings in the event of need for snow clearance. If there has been snow, black marks appear where cars used to be parked. Snow has the effect of an abstract ‘mask’, reducing colour and structure but accentuating the outlines. Snow is also very revealing. Everything leaves a trace. I can see where cars used to be parked on the street. The marks appear as photograms in the snow. The work addresses an aspect of counter representation – the imagery represents cars – through the absence of cars. In this way, the work explores and reveals a way to look at absence. The abstract expression points to both semiotic and gestalt ideas of ‘meaning’. The vague and the definite are both represented.