18:00 - 20:30

22 maj


In this webinar one selected artist from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden will present their practice and discuss their experiences. You will also be introduced to Liz Wewiora from SEPN which is the national network for socially engaged photography in the UK and get to meet one of their over 500 members.

The aim of the meeting is to look get acquainted and look at the opportunities and challenges socially engaged photographers working in the Nordic region are faced with. We will also discuss whether we should establish a network to share our experiences and stimulate more collaboration in the future.

Link to webinar


18.00 CET – Welcome – introduction of topic, participants and institutions

18.10 CET – Artist presentations

19.00 CET – Presentation of SEPN and artist from the UK

19.30 CET – Panel discussion

20.00 CET – Questions from the audience

20.20 CET – Closing remarks

Participating artists:

Denmark: Tina Enghoff – https://www.tinaenghoff.com/

Finland: Joel Karppanen – https://www.joelkarppanen.com/

Norway: Yamile Calderon – https://www.yamilecalderon.com/

Sweden: Jasmin Daryani – https://www.jasmindaryani.se/

UK: Ciara Leeming – https://www.ciaraleeming.co.uk/

UK: Liz Wewiora – https://www.elizabeth-wewiora.com/

Participating organizations:

Denmark: Fotografisk Center – https://www.fotografiskcenter.dk/en

Finland: Hippolyte – https://hippolyte.fi/en/

Sweden: Centrum for Fotografi – https://centrumforfotografi.se/

Norway: Preus museum – https://preusmuseum.no/en

UK: SEPN (Socially Engaged Photography Network)  – https://openeye.org.uk/socially-engaged-photography-network/ 

About socially engaged photography:

As millions of us share our daily lives via photography on social media, we are passionate about supporting work that brings the expertise of the photographer together with the lived experience and knowledge of communities.

When referring to the term socially engaged photography, we mean activities or projects where photographers and communities/individuals come together to co-author or co-produce visual representations of the world around us. The process behind the work produced is often as important as the final photographic work, and projects are often reliant on collaboration and discussion. The work often reflects multiple voices about a particular social, political, economic or environmental issue, rather than that of a single artistic voice.

What can a potential network provide?

The wider term, socially engaged practice is itself, constantly being challenged and redefined. A network can apply these current debates to the context of our own photographic specialism. It is important to note that each organisation and individual will navigate the process of co-authored work in different ways; a network can however demonstrate this diversity of practice whilst providing a stable grounding for social practice. A network can stimulate more collaboration through the sharing of resources, learning. It can also provide dissemination of current projects and practitioners, as well as create dialogue and debate about the work within this field.

In here I am safe.
I am not judged.
I am one of many.

Naked and scared,
I am humbly stretching myself
towards the future.
Dreaming that somewhere far away
there is light and hope.

Photo and text: Kai, from the workshop PLACE – Bastøy prison, led by Tina Enghoff and Kamille Nygård in collaboration with Preus museum, 2019.

The project has received network funding from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture to establish “Nordic Neighbours Conversations Collaborations on Photography”